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Publications: Calls for Manuscripts

Berkeley Review of Education ( Rolling submissions for articles concerning diversity and equality in education and intra/interdisciplinary outlooks. The Berkeley Review of Education has a list of broad themes including

  • Pressing Issues: Compelling issues impacting schools, educational systems, and other learning environments.
  • Critical Scholarship: Work that analyzes, evaluates, and problematizes power and dominant structures, and helps us to imagine something new.
  • Pushing Borders and Boundaries: Scholarship that re-conceptualizes and transcends academic identities, labels, and categories
  • Forging Communities: Work that originates from and speaks to a wide range of scholars, practitioners, activists, and educators

Harvard Educational Review ( The Harvard Educational Review (HER) accepts contributions from researchers, scholars, policy makers, practitioners, teachers, students, and informed observers in education and related fields. In addition to original reports of research and theory, HER welcomes articles that reflect on teaching and practice in educational settings in the United States and abroad.

International Journal of Research Education ( The research reported does not have to be comparative (in the sense of comparing aspects of education in different countries or cultures); a paper may report research carried out in just one location or cultural setting. Work can be drawn from any context or research paradigm. However, the Journal tends to publish empirical research studies that have clear significance to an international readership. Therefore, work must have the following features:

  • A strong theoretical framework
  • Clear understanding of how literature critically relates to the topic researched
  • Strong design and analysis
  • Critical analysis and recommendations for further research, policy and practice in an international context
  • It must follow the ‘Instructions for Authors’ advice given
  • As well as papers, which report the findings of empirical research, papers, which provide critical literature reviews of research on specific educational topics of international interest, will also be welcome.

Journal of Education ( A refereed publication, the Journal offers three issues each calendar year: the Fall theme is Teaching and Learning; the Winter theme is Language and Literacy Education; the Spring theme is Applied Human Development in the Context of Schooling. Each issue includes research reports, explications of theory, reflections, and essay reviews of academic/professional and books for young readers. Every article describes implications for practice beyond the setting in which the work was conducted.

Journal of Childhood Studies ( Journal of Childhood Studies encourages submissions from a range of disciplines that address the issues young children face in a variety of increasingly interconnected worldwide spaces. The journal holds a broad editorial emphasis, ranging from the publication of contributions from traditional fields such as early childhood education and education (including programming, curriculum, classroom practice, or child well-being) to fields such as children’s geographies, anthropology of childhood, childhood studies, sociology of childhood, and children’s rights amongst others. Journal of Childhood Studies orients itself toward the multidisciplinary work of childhood studies, which is concerned with children’s lifeworlds while also considering childhood within overarching politicized and globalized contexts.

Higher Education Review (HER) ( HER is an independent, refereed journal published by graduate students of the Higher Education Program at the Pennsylvania State University. Our mission is to make a substantive contribution to the higher education literature through the publication of high-quality research studies, scholarly papers, and literature reviews in areas related to the university, the four-year college, the community college, and other institutions of higher learning.

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2018-2019 Conferences

This list is not exhaustive, but provides a broad base of what is happening in education nationally and around the world. If you have suggestions or know of any upcoming conferences, feel free to submit them by email to

3rd International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages: The conference focused on heritage/ community language studies as a multi-disciplinary field. Papers, posters, and panels relevant to heritage language research and pedagogy were presented. The conference was held at UCLA from February 16 through February 18, 2018.

OE Global Conference 2018: The Open Education Global Conference 2018 was held in Delft, The Netherlands April 24-26, 2018. The Open Education Consortium is a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on openness, including collaboration, innovation and collective development and use of open educational materials.

2019 National Conference on Education:  To be held in Los Angeles, CA from February 14-16, 2019, the National Conference on Education invites participants to participate in sessions based on the theme, “Effective Leadership Creates Success.” The conference is presented by the AASA, The School Superintendent Association.

SITE 2019—Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education: To be held March 18-22, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, the 30th Annual SITE Conference promises to provide interesting presentations about the advancement and dissemination of information technology as it relates to teacher education and faculty/staff development.

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